Clinics and Services

All the general practitioners provide general medical services including treatment and advice on acute and chronic illnesses and chronic disease management. All the general practitioners provide general contraceptive services except coil fittings.

Further services provided either by the general practitioners or nurses include cervical smears, maternity services, some minor surgery, childhood surveillance, vaccinations and immunisation including flu vaccinations, travel vaccinations, repeat prescriptions, ear syringing and smoking cessation advice.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a smoking review on a regular basis, please complete the Smoking Review form.

Additional health professionals based at the Health Centre include district nurses, health visitors, a visiting midwife and some visiting consultant specialists.

Please note that we no longer offer cryotherapy for the treatment of warts or verrucas as there are newer, proven therapies available in your local pharmacy.

Screening Programmes

We support all the national screening programmes, including mammography and cervical smears. We recommend that patients take up all screening offered.


Blood samples are taken by our visiting phlebotomist on three mornings per week. Appointments for blood tests are made through the receptionists

Contraception and Sexual Health Clinic

Please visit for further information.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a contraceptive pill review, please complete the Contraceptive Pill Review form.

Cobham Care

Cobham Care is an organisation of volunteer drivers able to drive the elderly patients of Cobham Health Centre, without means of transport, to appointments at health centres, clinics or hospitals. They are based in Cobham and can be contacted on 07913 629926. A week’s notice is required where possible, and they will do their best to find an available driver, Monday to Friday, between 09:00 and 17:00. However, as this service is provided by volunteers, occasionally patients may have to use other means of transport. Transportation to most local hospitals can usually be arranged, however hospitals in London, St Helier and Ashford are not covered.

Cobham Care have a limited number of drivers and are always needing new drivers to make up the numbers of those who are retiring, unwell or unable to find the time. Please phone Sheila Arnoldi on 01932 863550 or Paula Young on 01932 865235 for further information on volunteering as a driver.

Minor Injuries

The Health Centre does not provide a minor injuries service. Patients should attend an accident & emergency department, or it may be more convenient to attend a walk-in centre.

Walk-In Centre

Patients needing advice and treatment for minor injuries and illnesses should go to Woking or Ashford walk-in centres. These are open 08:00-20:00, 7 days a week. Pay and display parking operates at both sites.

The walk-in centre has been developed to provide a minor injuries service and provide an alternative resource for dealing with other ailments. No appointment is necessary. The walk-in centre does not provide services for children under 2 years or for problems related to pregnancy or dental problems.

Tetanus and Polio

We advise all adults that they should be protected from tetanus. For immunised adults who have received five doses, either in childhood or adulthood, booster doses are not recommended other than at the time of tetanus prone injuries, i.e. dog bites or gardening injuries. All adults should have received a full course of polio vaccine during childhood. If you were born before 1958, or think you have missed out on this please consult the practice nurse. You can contact us online to arrange this through AccuRx.

Influenza Vaccinations

Every October, we try to protect all our patients aged over 65 and those patients under 65 in at risk groups (for more information on who should get the flu vaccine, visit the NHS: Who should have the flu vaccine page). Appointments are given with the practice nurse for the influenza vaccination. We also offer a vaccination to protect against pneumonia. In most cases the pneumonia vaccination is required only once in a lifetime.

The nurse will discuss this with you when you attend for flu vaccination. Please contact the surgery using AccuRx to make an appointment with the practice nurse for the flu vaccination.

If you are housebound and so unable to attend the surgery, a home visit can be arranged for flu vaccination.

Infant and Childhood Immunisation

Immunisation clinics are carried out between 13:20 and 16:00 on Thursday afternoons. These clinics are run by a general practitioner and practice nurses. To book an appointment contact the Health Centre receptionists using AccuRx.